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Who we are, what have we done in the past and what do we offer?

We have a solid grounding in the relevant accreditation and certification standards, and survey process, as well as quality improvement, and patient safety principles.
Our consulting and training programs are customised to the needs of the individual client and designed to support continuous improvement.
medicalQM is independent and has a strong background in international healthcare and global medicine since 2000.

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In more than 35 countries we have been active, e.g.
Australia - Azerbaijan - Bhutan - Brazil - China (Hong Kong) - Cook Islands - Cuba - Germany - Egypt - Eritrea - Fiji - India - Indonesia - Iraq - Ireland - Japan - Kurdistan - Malawi - Malaysia - Mongolia - Nepal - New Zealand - Nigeria - Papua New Guinea - Philippines - Russia - Singapore - Slowenia - South Africa - Switzerland - Syria - Thailand - Tunisia - Turkey - Uganda - United Sstates of America - Venezuela - Vietnam - Zambia

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Our Services

Audit and Consultancy

Audit in medical quality management

Introductory Consultation

For hospital and nursing homes who wish to improve patient safety and quality of care, identify their strengths and challenges in relation to meeting international standards or become familiar with international accreditation preparation process, this consultation offers highly customised education, high level assessment and practical advice to encourage moving forward.

Organisational Assessment

This consultation provides an in-depth review of your organisation’s ability to meet international standards for hospital, laboratory, ambulatory care, continuum of care, medical transport services, or Disease or Specific-Condition care, and results in an actionable report.

Education Infectology

Education and Training

There are currently more than 700 human infectious diseases on our planet and.
We created a special education scheme and offering a curricular education in "Infectology".


A new ward is needed

A new concept for implementing an Infectious Disease Ward in hospitals has been created by medicalQM.

Disaster Management

Act responsibly

How many times in your life, you get/got involved in real Disaster Situations e.g. natural disaster, act of terrorism,... ?
Being prepared helps saving your own and your patients life.
We offer a special education scheme for hospitals and MedEvac-teams.

Close Medical Protection

If you are in need...

Thomas Ly & H.H. Dalai Lama

We offer close medical protection worldwide for global travelling persons including full emergency protection.

International Patient Safety Seal


Become a member of hospitals offering a safety seal in medical quality management and patient safety on highest international level.

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April 2017 Germany

Annual Meeting at Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Berlin
A two day meeting of physicians was held on March 31 and April 1 2017 at Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Berlin.
The focus themes in infectious diseases have been Tuberculosis and Measles.
About 800 physicians took part.

BDMS 45th Anniversary

Happy 45th Anniversary to BDMS
Congratulations to Dr. Prasert Prasarttong-Osoth and his BDMS team with people like Dr. Chatree Duangnet, who have produced work that generated importand benefit for Thai national and international society.
We are proud working together in medical quality management, patient safety and infectology since many years.

BDMS visitation in Hannover in June 2016

Prasert Prasarttong-Osoth, Thomas Ly, Dr. Chatree Duangnet Thomas Ly, Dr. Chatree Duangnet and Oliver Gries


US tbc testing adopted to medicalQM policy

On December 8th 2016, the American Thoracic Society, Infectious Diseases Society of America and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released updated official guidelines for the Diagnosis of Tuberculosis in Adults and Children.

As published in our book "The Tiny Infectologist" in 2015 and implemented already several years ago in our medical QM, these guidelines now specifically adopt and recommend the use of contemporary diagnostic facilities for the screening and confirmation of Tuberculosis, such as the IGRA-Test (Interferon Gamma Release Assay) and molecular diagnostic methods.

An objective is to diagnose more latent Infections (LTBI) by IGRA-screening (TST only as an alternative where IGRA is not available, too expensive or too burdensome) early on, when prophylactic treatment with e.g. Isoniazid can effectively reduce the risk of progression to symptomatic disease.

The guidelines also recommend against testing individuals at low risk for infection and disease progression (e.g. in institutional settings or obliged by law), for a lack of therapeutic significance, risk of unnecessary treatment of false-positive results and risk of unnecessary additional screening by chest radiograph.

Patients with clinical signs of symptomatic disease should be confirmed by sputum smear microscopy, culture and / or molecular diagnostic testing.

We can only agree to the authors warning given in their news release: "Without the application of improved diagnosis and effective treatment for LTBI, new cases of TB will develop from within this group, which is therefore a major focus for the control and elimination of tuberculosis".

We sincerely hope that in light of international publications like this, medical societies, governmental central scientific institutions and policy makers in Germany will finally follow this lead and also adopt what we publish and teach for several years.

BDMS Academic Annual Meeting 2016

We thank BDMS and Bangkok Hospital Group for its commitment to education and research in medicine.
You have produced work that generated importand benefit for national and international society.
We are looking forward to our contribution to sustainable development solutions we urgently need today in part of infectious diseases.
Thank you very much for inviting us to your BDMS Academic Annual Meeting 2016.

In conversation with...

Today Daniel Bahr was visiting us in Hanover.

With the former Federal Minister of Health and today Chief Representative of APKV we talked about national and international issues of medical care.

Primarily it was about "medical quality management and patient safety" and "expensive and non-effective medical treatments".

Any questions?

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